Mama Zwazo Foundation

People are central to all we do.  We believe a business that honors its employees above profit is a business built to last.  To prioritize our employees we offer fair wages, health care, a safe work environment, paid lunches, vacation days, sick leave and maternity leave.


Petite Palm partners with The Mama Zwazo Foundation to offer holistic support to employees and communities.  Mama Zwazo seeks to renew hope, rebuild families, and restore justice alongside our artisan team. Through the Mama Zwazo Foundation, we focus on holistic support in three key areas: mind, body, and soul. Our programs offer healthcare, maternity leave, educational support, improved emergency assistance, and leadership development.  The Mama Zwazo foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

Because of these programs and benefits, our artisans are able to assist family and friends with school tuition, gain financial independence, work with family to start small businesses, address personal health concerns with trusted care providers, and gain the confidence to pursue their passions.

Mission : To offer stable employment to skilled artisans in order to see families and communities in Haiti thrive. To offer consumers opportunity to use their purchasing power to sustain growth in the lives of hardworking artisans. 

Vision : To create a community, in Haiti and globally, who join together to stand tall in the fight for justice. To foster meaningful connection, offer life giving education and infuse the global market with unique, well made goods.