About Us

Founded by Dani Troyer and Holly Ravenhorst in 2017, Petite Palm is a socially-conscious lifestyle brand nestled under the Caribbean sun in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Our one-of-a-kind goods craft opportunity for women to thrive.   When you purchase our products, you choose to stand tall with us in the fight for justice.

It is estimated that the unemployment rate in Haiti is well over 60%.  We know job creation is key to seeing Haiti flourish.  Women are eager to work, but lack opportunity.  By offering dignified employment with living wages, we work alongside these women who know they are able to make a lasting impact in their families and communities.


We connect consumers to tangible ways to use their purchasing power to sustain growth in the lives of hardworking artisans.  By infusing the global market with unique, well-made goods, we are creating a community of people who believe in doing good for the dignity of all.


We are Petite Palm. Welcome to our family. We’re thrilled you’re here.

Remembering our Co-Founder

On Saturday, April 20th, 2019 between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Dani Troyer, our co-founder, took her last breath on this earth. And on that same afternoon, Petite Palm’s Bertha welcomed her first baby girl. Celebration and loss divinely coincided, but Dani’s dream had come to fruition.

Dani was many things—an innate visionary, a soulful storyteller, and a radical lover of Jesus. She was a beloved friend, co-worker, daughter, sister, mother, and wife. And, of course, we cannot dismiss her affinity for mustard yellow, the inspiration behind our Honey colored products.

Her colorful spirit was wildly unparalleled and her heart, a vessel of empathy, servitude and deep, deep love. It was this vibrant energy and steadfast passion that brought to life Petite Palm, a social business dedicated to providing opportunity, employment, and empowerment to Haitian women who refuse to surrender their children to orphanages.

Petite Palm is a true reflection of Dani’s character, her relentless pursuit of fighting injustice, and her commitment to meeting others in the vulnerable trenches of pain. She stepped into stories of struggle and faced grief head-on, unafraid of the darkness because her joy could not be shaken.

Though her departure has left us brokenhearted, her legacy will live on. Dani painted our lives with color, and we would be honored to share that color with you as a way to remember to her light and love.