Why Maternal Health Care Matters

Why Maternal Health Care Matters

Bertha, our small batch dye extraordinaire, first began working with us in late 2017, as one of our first two employees. She brings a gentle, determined spirit to our team. Each day, she carefully small batch dyes our Muslin Blankets, Stretch Swaddles Blankets and 5-in-1 Multi-Use Covers. When she first began working with us, the concept of small batch dying was completely foreign to her.

With loads of patience, she now crafts beautiful goods with a dedicated consistency. She likes to remind co-workers of one of our studio mantras, “At Petite Palm, we don’t say ‘I can’t’, we say, ‘I’ll have patience and try again.’” Bertha truly embodies this principle in her approach to work and life. Bertha shares, “I like working for Petite Palm because we receive each other into our hearts. I really like the work we are doing. We are a family here.” This month Bertha and her fiancé will welcome their first little one. We are overjoyed that our Petite Palm family is growing, and can’t wait to watch Bertha use her patient approach to life as she navigates new motherhood.

We know the reality of pregnancy in Haiti is difficult. Sally Williams, of the Guardian, shares: “Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Americas; higher than much of Africa, including Sudan and Rwanda. According to the most recent figures available, Haitian women have a one in 280 chance of dying due to pregnancy or childbirth – a death rate, relative to the country’s population, 40 times greater than the UK, 26 times more than the US and almost on a par with Afghanistan. And while the neonatal mortality rate has dropped from a high of 82.9 deaths per 1,000 births in 1967 to 28.3 in 2017, 3.1% of newborns die within a month, according to the Haitian ministry of health.”

The maternal health crisis disproportionately affects materially poor mothers. At our core, we believe in offering families as many resources as possible to thrive. Part of this belief means making sure mothers have economic access to care both they and their children need.

This is why we offer our expecting employees Maternal Health Care. All of the proceeds from Petite Palm are given to our 501(c)3, Mama Zwazo Foundation, which covers the cost of quality care without having to put that financial stress on our employees. When you purchase our beautifully made goods, you make sure artisans like Bertha can feel peace as they journey through pregnancy and motherhood. Our employees are able to continue saving and feeling financially secure with their monthly income, while also seeking quality maternal care.

If you’d like to contribute directly to Bertha’s care, you can purchase our Maternal Health Donation Decal. Or, snag one of the stunning Muslin Blankets or 5-in-1 Covers Bertha so lovingly dyes, and every time you use it, remember that your purchase through Petite Palm is impacting lives.

Love + Caribbean Light,

The Petite Palm Team