Partner Spotlight: Education + Health

Partner Spotlight: Education + Health

“Menn anpil, chay pa lou.” // “Many hands make the load light” – Haitian Proverb

At our core, we are a community of women who believe in making space for all. We seek to work within the incredible network of like-minded organizations here in Haiti. Two organizations whose programs are currently giving our employees opportunity to thrive are English in Mind and Bon Nouriti Pou Sante.

Beginning in September part of our artisan team started attending classes through English in Mind. English in Mind is a non-profit organization offering professional level English classes for an affordable fee. When students finish this four year program, they are fluent in reading, writing and speaking English. In Port-au-Prince, this opens up a new level of opportunity for program graduates. For our artisans specifically, fluency will open new relationship with our stateside customers. Being able to offer this gateway to deeper and broader relationship is at the heart of who we are.

This month we had the pleasure of hosting Aderla, a nurse who works with Bon Nourite Pou Sante, a grassroots organization focused on nutrition education. (info from BNPS website)

Aderla brought joy and knowledge to our team. She shared catchy songs to share with friends to encourage proper hygiene before meal preparations, led us in fun stretching breaks to keep our minds alert and challenged us to choose local foods that fuel our bodies.

A highlight of Aderla’s teaching was the idea that when we are in community, we are responsible for each other’s health. As a team, we know we are better together. So, our commitment to health is a work of many, starting with encouraging each other to drink water over sugary sodas and take stretching breaks during our work day. We know these little steps add up to healthier bodies.

We are grateful to organizations like English in Mind and Bon Nourite Pou Sante for bringing well-executed, high quality programs to our staff and many others. We look forward to highlighting more meaningful organizations as we continue to work with our employees to build programs that support their biggest dreams.

Stay tuned next month for exciting news from our team!

Love + Caribbean Light-

The Petite Palm Team