Autumn Happenings: Day by Day at Our Nest

Autumn Happenings: Day by Day at Our Nest

Autumn on the island is a welcome break from the brutal summer heat. The leaves on the sturdy mango trees stay green, but the breeze picks up a bit. Traffic is in full force with students in matching uniforms heading to and from school. Giant semis hauling goods, or occasionally being used as a makeshift taxi keep clogging intersections. All of Port-au-Prince lets out a collective sigh of relief.

We’ve survived another summer. We can finish the year strong. We are doing hard things. Life keeps moving, and everything feels just a tiny bit more doable.

Private Label Partnership:

For us at Mama Zwazo, we are seeing that our wild dreams are doable. We are excited to announce our first Private Label partnership with Simply Earth, a Wisconsin based essential oil company. When we first began product development for Mama Zwazo, we penciled in essential oil jewelry, but decided to table the idea to focus on our Baby Basics line. God is truly in the details, and has flung open the door for us to work on this product dream while still being able to produce our Baby Basics line.

Sewn with Strength- Shibori Basics Line:

In the next two weeks, we’ll be hiring our Sewing+Shibori team members. These women will be the hands that lovingly make our Baby Basics line. Our line of one-of-a-kind accessories will launch this Spring. Be on the look out for Pre-Order opportunities!

Stock Our Studio:

We are grateful to everyone who has donated, and helped us stock our studio. We are still in need of supplies to make sure we craft the highest quality goods.

To purchase items visit our wishlist at The Calico Hutch, or donate directly to us via PayPal.

We are excited to be officially in business, and can’t wait to keep sharing our story with you!

Love + Caribbean Light-

The Mama Zwazo Team